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Aware of the importance of environmental respect and its relevance for the company to meet the needs and expectations of its customers, Gil Estévez brings into play the resources to get you on your core business of designing and manufacturing of chairs such purposes are achieved . We maintain an integrated based on the requirements established Quality Management System and Environmental UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-ISO 14001 and UNE-EN 14006 structured around this Quality and Environmental Policy, based on the following principles:

  • Quality is a key factor for business continuity and must be assumed, with responsibility for all of us Gil Estevez.
  • The Quality System and Environmental always bring positive results that will:
  • Improve product quality, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Improve the work environment and the spirit of participation.
  • Improve knowledge of the functions, stimulate creativity, etc.
  • Improving the environmental performance of the company and the products we make, for which an identification and assessment of environmental, company and product is manufactured, and their lifecycles.

Gil Estévez, Inc. aims to:

  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the company and its products requirements and other requirements to which it subscribes our company.
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the environmental aspects of products manufactured, and the requirements that the company subscribes.
  • Continuous improvement and prevention of pollution, protect the environment and natural resources in the manufacturing process and life cycles of products.
  • Continuous improvement of the products we design, throughout their life cycle, avoiding adverse environmental impacts move from one stage of production, unless this is a net reduction of impacts throughout the entire cycle product life.
  • Taking us to a model of continuous improvement of our processes convinced that is ideal for the development of proper quality management and environmental formula.

This Quality and Environmental Policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing objectives and targets set by Gil Estevez.

The management of the company, which takes its authority for the establishment and maintenance of a Quality System and Environmental, is aware of its ultimate responsibility for achieving the objectives proposed quality and environmental, and in that sense is committed to provide all human, technical and financial means to achieve it. It also expects all its employees the utmost dedication in the implementation and maintenance of the Quality System and Environmental.

In order to request environmental information, please contact:

Quality and environmental policy

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