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Legal Advice, terms and use conditions of the Website

Identificative data of the Website’s owner

In compliance with the information duty established in the article 10 of the Law 34/2002, of July the 11th of Information Society Services and of Electronic Commerce, GIL ESTÉVEZ, S.A. (from now on, “GIL ESTÉVEZ”), and as owner of the website www.gilestevez.com, inform the users about the identification data demanded by the referred Law:

Business name: GIL ESTÉVEZ, S.A.

Address: C/ Caucho 16, 28850 de Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid)

TIN: A82127200

Email adress: gilestevez@gilestevez.com

Trade Registry Data: R.M. DE MADRID-TOMO 13.530 – LIBRO 0 – SECCIÓN 8 –FOLIO 151 – HOJA M-219914 – INSCRIPCION 1ª

The current information regulates the use conditions, the responsibility limitations and the obligations that the users of the webpage which domain is www.gilestevez.com assume and are committed to respect.


“Page”, is the domain www.gilestevez.com that is at the disposal of the internet users.

“User”, is the person or firm that uses the Webpage.

“Contents”, are the pages that constitute the whole domain www.gilestevez.com, which shows the information and the services offered to the internet users by GIL ESTÉVEZ. In those pages, are stored the messages, texts, images, graphics, icons, logos, technology, links, textures, drawings, image or sound archives, recordings, software, aspect, graphic design and source code, and generally, any kind of material contented in the Page.

“Web”, is a technical word describing the information access system through the internet, configured by means of pages made with HTML language or similar and programming devices such as Java, JavaScript, PHP or others, etc… In these pages designed and published under a domain name is the result of the information that the owner puts at the disposal of the internet users.

“Hyperlink”, is a technology through which a user can surf by different pages of the Web, or by the internet, just clicking on the text, icon, or graphic that content the link.

“Cookies”, are a technical method to make traceability and monitoring the web surfing. These are little text files written in the user’s computer. This method has implications on the user’s privacy so GIL ESTÉVEZ will advice timely and unquestionably about their use in the moment they are instilled in the page.

Use conditions

The mere page use gives the condition of Page User, and entails the complete acceptance without reservations of every one of the clauses and general conditions included in the Legal Advice. If the user does not agree with those clauses and conditions, must abstain from using the page.

This Legal Advice is subject to changes and updates and the published version may be different in every moment in which the User accedes to the Page. Therefore the user must read the Legal Advice in every occasion he accedes to the Page.

Through this Page, GIL ESTÉVEZ provides the Users the access and use of different contents published by means of the Internet by GIL ESTÉVEZ or by authorized third parties.

The User is forced and undertakes to use the Page and its contents in accordance with the regulations in force, the Legal Advice and any other advice or instructions informed, through this Legal Advice or any other inside the contents that are a part of this page, just as with the rules of conduct, the moral and the costumes generally accepted.

To these effects, the User is forced and undertakes not to use any of the contents with illegal purposes or effects, forbidden in this Legal Advice or by the regulations in force, injurious of the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any way could harm, render useless, overcharge, damage or avoid the normal use of the Contents, the computers or the documents, files, and every kind of content stored in any computer ownership or hired by GIL ESTÉVEZ, of another users or any internet user (hardware and software).

The user is forced and undertakes not to transmit, spread or put at the disposal of third parties any kind of material contained in the Page, such as information, texts, data, messages, images, graphics, icons, logos, technology, links, textures, drawings, image or sound archives, recordings, software, aspect, graphic design and source code or any other material to which, as user, could accede. This list is in no case limited.

Likewise, in accordance with all that, the User can not:

– Reproduce, copy, distribute or put at the disposal or in any other way, communicate publically, or modify the contents, unless he has the approval written and explicit of GIL ESTÉVEZ, who is the owner of the corresponding rights, or if it is legally allowed.

– Delete, handle or in any way alter the “copyright” and the rest of the identification data of the rights reservation of GIL ESTÉVEZ, or of its owners, of the prints or digital identifiers, or any other technical means established for their recognition.

The User must refrain of obtaining and even trying to obtain the Contents using for that means or procedures different to which, depending on the cases, are put at the disposal to this effect or are indicated in the web pages where the contents are or, generally, the means which are usually used in the internet, whenever they are not a risk for the Page or the Contents.

Intellectual Property

All the brands, commercial names or distinctive marks of any kind appearing in the Page are property of GIL ESTÉVEZ or, in its case, property of third parties that have authorised their use. The access or use of the Site or the contents does not mean that the User has any right on the brands, commercial names or distinctive marks referred, and the User has no exploitation rights over the Contents, actual or future.

In the same way, the Contents are Intellectual Property of GIL ESTÉVEZ, or of third parties in its case that have authorised their use to which belong the sole exercise of the exploitation rights in any way, and especially the rights of transmission, distribution, public communication or alter.

The unauthorized utilization of the information contained in this Site, just as the harm of the Intellectual or Industrial Property rights of GIL ESTÉVEZ, or third parties included in the Page, will provoke the responsibilities legally established.


Those people that want to instil hyperlinks between their webpage and this Page must notice and obey the following conditions:

– Previous authorization will not be necessary when the Hyperlink allows uniquely the access to the homepage, whenever it is not reproduced in any way. Any other kind of Hyperlink will require the express, unmistakeable and written authorisation of GIL ESTÉVEZ.

– Frames will not be created with the GIL ESTÉVEZ web pages or inside them.

– Declarations that are false, inaccurate or offensive about GIL ESTÉVEZ or their board of directors, employees or contributors, or the people related in the Page by any reason, users or the Contents supplied are strictly forbidden.

– No one could imply or declare that GIL ESTÉVEZ has authorised a Hyperlink or that has overseen or assumed in any case the contents offered or put at the disposal in the webpage to which the Hyperlink is established.

– The webpage to which the Hyperlink is established only could content the information necessary to identify the destination of that Hyperlink.

– The webpage to which the Hyperlink is assigned will not store information or contents that are illegal, facing the moral, the costumes generally accepted and the public order, and it will not store contents opposing to any third party.


The cookies are a technical method to make traceability and monitoring the web surfing. These are little text files written in the user’s computer. This method has implications on the user’s privacy so GIL ESTÉVEZ advices that could use cookies with the purpose of carrying out statistics about the webpage accesses, just as to identify the computer of the user, recognising this computer in next visits. In any case, the user can configure the browser to avoid the cookies of the Site.

Site availability

GIL ESTÉVEZ does not guarantee the lack of interruptions or errors in the Page access, to its Contents, nor those are updated, although will develop its better efforts to, in its case, avoid, rectify or update them. Consequently, GIL ESTÉVEZ will not be responsible for harms or damages of any kind caused in the User by failures or disconnections in the different networks that produce the halting, cancellation or interruption of the Site services during the provision of it or previous to it.

GIL ESTÉVEZ excludes, with the exceptions reflected in the regulations in force, any responsibility about the harms and damages of any kind that could be due to the lack of availability, continuity or quality of the Page’s or Contents’ running, for not achieving the utility expectations that the users could have conferred to the Page and the Contents.

The function of the Hyperlinks related in this Page is solely to inform the User about the existence of another Web pages containing information related to this Site. Mentioned Hyperlinks are not a suggestion or recommendation in any case.

GIL ESTÉVEZ is not responsible about the contents of those linked pages, about its operation or the usefulness of the Hyperlinks, nor the result of mentioned links, and does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other element in them that could alter the User’s systems (hardware and software), documents or files, excluding any responsibility for the harms and damages of any kind caused to the User by this reason.

The access to the Page does not entail the obligation for GIL ESTÉVEZ to control the absence of viruses, worms or any other harmful element. It corresponds to the User in every case to have the appropriate tools to detect and disinfection of the harmful programs. Therefore, GIL ESTÉVEZ is not responsible of the possible security errors that could be produced during the Page service provision, neither of the possible damages that could be caused to the User’s computer (hardware and software), the files or documents stored into it, as a consequence of the existence of a virus in the User’s computer used to connect the Page or its Contents, of a browser’s malfunction or the utilization of non-updated versions of it.

Page quality

As a consequence of the dynamic and unsettled environment of the information and services rendered by means of the Page, GIL ESTÉVEZ achieves its best effort, but does not guarantee the complete truthfulness, accuracy, reliability, usefulness and/or topicality of the Contents.

The information contained in the pages that compound this Page have only informative, advisory, spreading and advertising nature. In any case offer or have a contractual nature.

Responsibility restriction

GIL ESTÉVEZ excludes any responsibility about the decisions based in this information, taken by the User, just as about the possible misprints that could have the documents and pictures of the Page. The information is subject to possible periodical changes without previous notice, to widen, improve, correct or update the Contents.


Every notification and communication from GIL ESTÉVEZ released to the User by any means will be considered effective to any effect.

Contents availability

The Page and Contents service rendering has, in the beginning, indefinite term. Nevertheless, GIL ESTÉVEZ is authorised to finish or withdraw the service of the Page and/or any of the Contents in any moment. When possible, GIL ESTÉVEZ will previously notice the Page termination or halting.

Personal Data Protection

GIL ESTÉVEZ is aware about the importance of the privacy of the personal data and, by this, has instilled a data treatment policy directed to provide the highest security in the use and gather of those data, guaranteeing the achievement of the regulations in force in this matter and configuring mentioned policy as one of the basic pillars in the entity’s conduct.

During the surfing through the website www.gilestevez.com is possible that personal data are requested by means of different forms disposed to this aim. Those data will be a part of the corresponding files depending on the specific purpose that caused the data gathering.

This way, the particular information of every data treatment will be aside to every web form, being common to all of them the File Responsible: GIL ESTÉVEZ, S.A.GIL ESTÉVEZ, S.A., addressed in C/ Caucho nº 16; 28850 Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), just as the place and method to exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion or opposition, that will be formalized through a written communication to the mentioned address, including a valid ID document copy.

In case of sending your data in an electronic mail, they will be a part of a file which purpose is de management of the request or commentary sent, being applicable the rest of the conditions pointed in the previous paragraph.

Likewise, the general conditions to hire the GIL ESTÉVEZ services contain the characteristics and nature of the data treatment that will be developed by the firm when hiring any service.

On the other hand, GIL ESTÉVEZ has instilled the necessary technical and organizational measures to avoid the loss, bad use, alter, non-authorized access and steal of the Personal Data that the interested could provide as a consequence of their access to the different website sections, being applicable the security measures considered in the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December the 21st which approves the regulation implementing Organic Law 15/1999, of December the 13th, on the protection of personal data.


For any questions aroused about the interpretation, application and fulfilment of the present Legal Advice, just as for the reclamations that could be derived from its use, all the parties interceding are complied with the Judges and Courts of Torrejón de Ardoz, expressly renouncing to any other jurisdiction that could correspond them.

Applicable regulations

The Legal Advice is governed by Spanish Laws.

Copyright © GIL ESTÉVEZ.

All rights reserved by the international laws and treaties on intellectual property. The partial or total copy, reproduction or transmission by any means is completely prohibited.

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